A Calorie is a Calorie when it comes to Fat Loss!

A Calorie is a Calorie when it comes to Fat Loss!

Now i know what your thinking. How can all calories be equal , surely  calories from Veg are better for you than calories from fast food. Of course they are but in terms of FAT LOSS your body will put on the same amount of weight if  you eat 3000 calories in spinach or 3000 in junk food.


Does that make sense?


Why am i saying this ?  Well here me out . A nutrition plan is only good for you if you can stick to it . We all know eating a super clean diet all year round will have us in shape ,but here lies the problem. If up to now your diet has been poor or you are used to eating out of take aways on a regular basis, then sticking to a diet of something like just meat and veg is NOT going to work for you.


So what should i do?


Start by simply dropping your daily calorie intake slightly . That can be as simple as cutting out that snack between meals or some junk food you know you shouldn’t  have or reducing the amount of fizzy drinks you have per day. By just dropping calories slightly below what you have been consuming and be consistent with it you WILL drop body fat .


This is a good place to start and is something that can be sustained which will  increase your chances of successful Fat loss. Once you begin to see some results you will be ready to make another small change with better food choices . By changing everything from the off will only result in failure and frustration . So for now calories are calories , reduce them slightly and watch the magic happen .


Calories however are not equal when it comes to nutritional benefits. For example that 3000 calories of spinach will benefit and help your body far more than the junk food. So of course healthier choices are best for your body and i would always promote that but to get someone on the road to a healthier lifestyle from a really unhealthy one then we must think only in terms of calories and reducing them slightly.


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