Best Weight Loss? Fundamentals of Weight Loss

Best Weight Loss? Fundamentals of Weight Loss

Best Weight Loss?

When we want to find our best weight loss programme our focus should be on losing body fat. It can be hard and sometimes confusing trying to lose some unwanted Fat.

So i am going to try make it that bit easier and explain how to do it so you have the Knowledge to get the job done.

Now I understand most do not want the scientific version of how it all works so i’ll keep it simple . To be successful in dropping body fat you need to be in a calorie deficit , – PERIOD !

Let’s take a look at a woman’s daily calorie intake which is 2000 calories. If you drop your intake below this and add in some exercise then over the next week or two you will have dropped some body fat . Sounds easy right?

Best Weight Loss? Meath Weight Loss Meath Drogheda Fitness Classes Drogheda Gym

Best Weight Loss? Meath Weight Loss Meath

I believe most of us know this already but the weekend lets us down. . So let’s say your calorie intake from Monday to Friday is 1700 and you save 1500 calories for a cheat meal on Friday. You deserve it after working so hard all week – don’t you! Have a munch on some chocolates, a few glasses of wine and a chinese to finish it off. Boom!! – ALL OF THOSE SAVED CALORIES ARE NOW GONE AND YOU’RE BACK TO SQUARE 1 or WORSE. Now don’t get me wrong there is absolutely nothing wrong with cheat meals or chocolate or movie night for that matter but if your main goal is to drop some unwanted body fat then you must be consistent over the weekend too. . If you are then you will see Results.

The next MUST in any healthy lifestyle is exercise . Add in a regular exercise routine and along with your new daily Calorie intake and your onto a winner. I’m constantly asked what’s the best exercise to do and my response is always to do one you enjoy doing so that it becomes a habit and you continue to progress.

I hope this explains the basics easily to you. Remember it is not a short term fix. Consisten

t good eating and regular exercise will produce a healthier and better looking body. This is what we strive to achieve with The BodyForge Programme .

Make Fitness Part Of Your Life


Healthy Mind – Healthy Body – Happy Life

Chris Dunne The BodyForge Programme

Meath Weight Loss Meath

Best Weight Loss?

Best Weight Loss? Meath Weight Loss Meath Fitness Trainer Meath Fitness Class Meath Weight Loss Meath

Meath Weight Loss Meath Best Weight Loss?


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